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Hello, my name is Serhat Engul. I have been working as a professional tour guide in Istanbul for about 15 years. I tried to prepare the Istanbul Travel Blog site as a simple handbook for those who want to explore Istanbul.

On this site you can find the most basic information you will need in Istanbul. In order to reach this information in the shortest way, you can browse the articles on the BLOG page or you can reach them from the following headings.

Istanbul Travel Blog 2021

Istanbul Travel Blog and Guide 2021
An Insider’s Guide to Istanbul

You can find the most important articles on the Istanbul Travel Blog site under the following nine headings. In order to view the posts, please click on the underlined sentences.

1. Accommodation

The most important article in the accommodation title is Best Area to Stay in Istanbul for now.

2. Activities

The most comprehensive article in the activities title is Top Things to Do in Istanbul. In addition, Best Turkish Bath and Best Bosphorus Cruise may also interest you.

3. Food

The most popular article on food section is Best Restaurants in Istanbul. In addition, you may be interested in the Istanbul Street Food Guide, which introduces delicious Turkish dishes.

4. History

In this title, you can find many articles related to the history of Istanbul. These include writings on the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. In addition, the articles titled History of Hagia Sophia and History of Istanbul may also interest you.

5. Museums

You can find information about Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia in the museums section. Although the last two are mosques rather than museums, this title must be the most suitable place for them. You may also be interested in the articles on Istanbul Museum Pass and Istanbul Museum Entry Fees.

6. Neighborhoods

The Istanbul Tourist Maps article in the neighborhoods section can be very useful for finding directions. In addition, you can find information about Kadikoy and Fener-Balat districts.

7. Shopping

The most useful articles in the shopping section are Best Shopping Malls and Where to Buy Turkish Rugs in Istanbul.

8. Transportation

In the transportation section, you can read the most viewed article of the site, Istanbul Public Transport Map. In this article you can find up-to-date maps of tram, metro and funicular.

9. Private Tours

The most important article in the private tours section is the Private Tour Guide in Istanbul article, which provides information about walking tours in Istanbul.

10. Istanbul Clues

In order to learn more about Istanbul, you can also visit Istanbul Clues, which has a more comprehensive archive of articles.

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