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Fener and Balat are two districts with increasing popularity in recent years. Fener Balat Walking Tour, which is one of the top things to do in Istanbul, is among the most entertaining activities. In this article you can find information about things to do in Fener and Balat areas.

I also shared information about the food culture of these neighborhoods, which are famous for their cozy cafes and delicious restaurants. I would also like to note that the colorful houses of Fener and Balat will present you the most beautiful photos you can take in Istanbul.


Istanbul is a city steeped in deep and rich history. It was initially founded by the Greeks as Byzantium in 660 BC, later becoming Constantinople under Roman rule in Year 330 AD then officially becoming Istanbul many years later in 1930. It was ruled by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and finally the Turkish Republic.

It goes without saying that Istanbul is one of the most diverse cities in the world. During the Ottoman era, only around two-thirds of its population was actually Muslims. The remaining one-third being a mix of different ethnic minorities such as the Greeks, Jews, and Armenians.

To really learn more about the minorities in the Istanbul and their unique traditions and culture, it’s important to take a closer look at individual neighborhoods such as Fener and Balat, two of the most iconic areas in Istanbul and an excellent location for a walking tour.

Istanbul Fener Balat Walking Tour
Things to Do in Fener and Balat

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History of Fener-Balat Neighborhoods

The Fener-Balat neighborhoods are drenched in a rich history that stems all the way back to the Fall of Constantinople in 1453. When the city was captured by the Ottoman Empire, the Fener district became home to the many Greeks that lived in the city and they even became important assistants to the Sultans. Phanariotes, as they were called, gave advice to the Ottoman leaders in various fields, and wealthy Phanariotes were even appointed as governors in western provinces.

Travel north from Fener and you’ll reach Balat, an old quarter of Istanbul that was inhabited by RomanioteAshkenazi and Sephardi (Spanish) Jews. When the Kingdom of Granada fell, the Andalusians in the south of Spain were exiled and forced to leave their home. The Catholic Monarchs of Spain announced that they didn’t want Muslims or Jews in Spain, and thus they were forced to search for a home elsewhere.

The Ottoman Empire welcomed the Spanish Jews with open arms and they were brought to Istanbul on Ottoman Ships that Sultan Bayezid II sent. They settled in Balat where they found Jewish neighbors that already inhabited the area.

Fall of Granada

history of Fener Balat in istanbul
Reconquista by Francisco Pradilla

 About Fener Balat Walking Tour

The neighborhoods of Fener and Balat are within close proximity to each other yet the architectural and cultural differences are easy to see. The stark contrast of colorful Balat houses and historical Fener buildings makes the Fener-Balat area a wonderful place to embark on a walking tour.

Our walking tours usually start from the Kadir Has University which is located in the Cibali Neighborhood. It’s a great meeting spot and the perfect place to start a walking tour through the streets of Fener and finally down to the historic Balat neighborhood. All three neighborhoods are close to each other and a Fener Balat walking tour will take approximately 4 hours.

If you want to learn about the history of Istanbul, the Fener and Balat neighborhoods will certainly interest you. Many of the buildings and structures from hundreds of years ago are still standing today and they are absolutely wonderful sights that you should not miss.

Fener Balat Tours
Walking in the Streets of Balat

Places to See in the Cibali Neighborhood

Cibali is a vibrant neighborhood that had great significance during the Byzantine period and still has many old relics that have lasted hundreds of years since Roman rule.

  • Kadir Has University

One of the more modern buildings in the Cibali neighborhood, the Kadir Has university was founded in 1997 and serves as the starting point of our walking tours. The building originally served as a tobacco factory that was erected in 1884 but won the Europa Nostra Award for the most beautiful restoration of a historic place in 2003.

Fener Balat Walking Tour Starts Here

Fener Balat Private Guided Tour
Kadir Has University
  • Cibali Gate

The Cibali Gate is one of the entrance gates into the city. It was built between the 4th and 5th centuries and has seen several restorations. The walls protected the city of Constantinople for a thousand years until it ultimately fell to the Ottoman forces in 1453.

Cibali Gate
  • St. Nicholas Church

The Church of St Nicholas isn’t an enormous or brilliant church like the Chora Church, but it’s still a star attraction and only open to guided tours such as the one we offer. It served as a basilica and further restorations have allowed it to stay standing as a display of classic Byzantine architecture.

St. Nicholas Church
  • Gül Mosque (Hagia Theodosia Church)

The Gul Mosque once served as a Byzantine church (Hagia Theodosia) but was converted into a mosque by the Ottoman Empire that overlooks the Golden Horn. It’s one of the most important religious Byzantine buildings that is still standing.

Byzantine Church in Balat Istanbul
Gul Camii (Hagia Theodosia Church)

Places to See in the Fener Neighborhood

The Fener neighborhood is full of historic buildings like churches and mansions that date back to the Byzantine era.

  • Old Greek Houses from 19th Century

A great way to experience the history and culture of the Fener neighborhood is to go on a walking tour of the historic buildings and houses that date back to the 19th century. The houses here have a unique architectural style that can’t be seen elsewhere in Istanbul.

Fener Balat Walking Tour
Old Houses in Fener
  • Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

Since 1600, the Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchate Istanbul has been at the center of the Greek Orthodox world. It is the official seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and locally known as the Fener Rum Patrikhanesi. In many ways, it could be considered the Vatican of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Fener Greek Orthodox Church Balat
Greek Orthodox Patriarchate
  • Greek Orthodox College

The Greek Orthodox College is the oldest surviving and most prestigious Greek Orthodox School located in Istanbul. It was designed by Konstantinos Dimadis, an Ottoman Greek architect and was erected between 1881 and 1883. It is well-known for its mix of architectural styles and incredibly expensive cost at the time.

Greek Orthodox College
  • The Church of Saint Mary of the Mongols

Saint Mary of the Mongols is the only Byzantine church of Constantinople that was not converted to a mosque. Since the fall of Constantinople, Saint Mary of the Mongols was always open to the Greek Orthodox people and has stood tall since it was completed in 1281, undergoing several renovations due to fires that ravaged Fener during the period between early 1600 and 1700.

Places to See in the Balat Neighborhood

Once known as the Jewish district of the city, Balat contains many synagogues and a diverse cultural background that is reflected in the colorful architecture that lines the streets.

  • Colorful Houses of Balat

The streets of Balat are filled with brightly-colored houses that are inhabited by the many families that live in the neighborhood, creating an iconic backdrop that is perfect for photo opportunities during the walking tour.

Fener Balat Walking Tour

Fener Balat Walking Tour by Serhat Engul
Colorful Houses of Balat
  • Ahrida Synagogue

The Ahrida Synagogue is one of the oldest in the whole of Istanbul. The once thriving Jewish quarter of Balat was served by the great Ahrida Synagogue and it became one of the most important buildings in the entire neighborhood. Several renovations throughout the centuries have kept it true to its original architectural design.

Ahrida Synagogue
  • Surp Hiresdagabed Armenian Church

Another large ethnic minority in Istanbul is the Armenians. During the Ottoman rule, a Greek church was offered to the Armenian population of the city. It fell to fires several times over the past few hundred years, only to be rebuilt many times with the most recent restoration taking place in 2012.

  • St. Stephan Bulgarian Church

Also known as the Bulgarian “Iron Church”, St. Stephen Bulgarian Church is a Bulgarian Orthodox church in Balat. It is made from cast iron elements and has a neo-Gothic architectural style that stands out from the rest of the neighborhood, making it a must-see destination.

historical places in Balat Istanbul
St. Stephan Bulgarian Church

Things to Do in Istanbul Fener Balat

Of course, there are also plenty of things to do in the Fener and Balat that you simply can’t miss! Here is a short list of fun activities in Fener and Balat neighborhoods of Istanbul.

1. Have a Great Turkish Breakfast

Locals love to flock to the Fener-Balat neighborhood on the weekends to get a delicious traditional Turkish breakfast. Forno Restaurant offers one of the best Turkish breakfast in the area as you can see it from the visual below.

breakfast places in balat istanbul
Have a Great Turkish Breakfast

2. Eat Delicious Turkish Food

The local restaurants in Fener-Balat serve some mouthwatering dishes made from traditional recipes and fresh local ingredients. If you love Turkish cuisine where you’re from, then trying the real thing in Istanbul will take your taste buds on a journey!

Eat Delicious Turkish Food

3. Drink Good Coffee

Whether you’re a coffee lover or just want to sample a local delicacy, you can experience some delicious high-quality artisanal coffee here in Istanbul. We’re home to one of the most famous coffee shops in the whole country; Coffee Department.

Drink Good Coffee

4. Try Meyhane Restaurants

Turkish Taverns are perfect casual spots for a drink and some delicious local snacks. You can bring a few friends, meet and chat with some of the locals, or even just come in for a quiet drink on your own if you’d like some peace and quiet.

Try Meyhane Restaurants

5. Find the Best Instagram Spots

Between the colorful houses of Balat and the traditional architecture of Fener, you’ll find plenty of spots for social media pictures and unique blogging ideas. Check the #Fener and #Balat tags on Instagram and Twitter to get an idea of what to expect on your walking tour.

Istanbul Fener Balat Walking Tour

Istnabul Fener and Balat Neighborhoods
Find the Best Instagram Spots

6. Buy Unique Antiques

Balat is one of the alternative shopping places in Istanbul. If you love a bit of antique hunting then the Balat neighborhood hosts many auctions over the weekend where you can pick up beautiful antiques for rock-bottom prices.

You’ll be surprised at what you can find when you attend one of the local auctions here in Balat just don’t buy too much that you can’t fit it all in your luggage!

Shopping in Balat Istanbul
Buy Unique Antiques

7. Experience the Brotherhood of Religions

Istanbul is a city with many unique ethnicities. Just by observing the locals, you’ll get to see how so many cultures came together and lived together in peace and harmony for many centuries.

Experience the Brotherhood of Religions

Restaurants and Cafes in Fener and Balat

Fener-Balat is no stranger to great cuisine, so here are a couple of places to consider if you’re ever hungry for some food after your walking tour with us.

  • Atolye Kafasi

A cute cafe close to the Cibali neighborhood that has been converted from the courtyard of an old church. They serve delicious locally brewed coffee, drinks, cocktails and play live music on the weekend. It’s the perfect hang-out spot after your walking tour.

Istanbul Balat Cafes
Atolye Kafasi
  • Perispri

A stylish little restaurant that serves an open-buffet Turkish breakfast. It’s decorated with unique antique furniture like paintings and sets of armor, making it a unique place to get some food and also admire the sights.

Istanbul Balat Restaurants
  • Forno

Delicious food and coffee served up in a local atmosphere. There’s not much seating but the Turkish Pide and Lahmacun here are excellent as a snack or even a full meal. They even do traditional pizzas that you might be used to if you want something a little more westernized.

What to Eat in Balat Istanbul
Forno Restaurant
  • Barba Vasilis

Barba Vasilis is a fantastic local tavern that serves mezes and alcohol. It’s a warm atmosphere, the tavern itself is majestic and beautiful, and it’s near the Golden Horn which makes it an excellent place to stop at after a walking tour.

Barba Vasilis
  • Fener Köftecisi

Looking for delicious Kofte and Sucuk? Fener Köftecisi offers some delicious meaty foods that are spiced and prepared in the traditional way. It’s affordable, it’s tasty and it will instantly become one of your local favourites!

Fener Köftecisi
  • Coffee Department

For the ultimate in third wave artisanal coffee, Istanbul is home to the Coffee Department, one of the most famous coffee shops in the whole country. It’s a small, cute little shop with a relaxing atmosphere that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Coffee Department
  • Cumbali Cafe

Cumbali Cafe is a popular coffee shop that serves up a great brew, but the location offers outdoor seating on a busy corner street of Balat. This makes it an excellent place to relax when you want to just sit and observe the locals going about their daily business.

Cumbali Kahve
  • Agora Meyhanesi

A warm and charming local restaurant that has been featured in some Turkish songs. It’s very famous among the locals and serves up traditional Turkish cuisine with a beautiful setting and friendly staff.

Agora Meyhanesi

Istanbul Fener Balat Walking Tour

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Istanbul Fener Balat Walking Tour
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