Private Tour Guide in Ephesus, Turkey

Ephesus is referred to as the best preserved Roman city in the Eastern Mediterranean in many sources. Ephesus, which receives millions of visitors a year, was a very important city in both the Ancient Age and the Middle Ages. It is recommended to hire a private tour guide in Ephesus to fully understand the history of this unique place.

Ephesus is located in the city of Izmir, on the west coast of Anatolia. Most visitors to Ephesus come from Kusadasi Cruise Port. However, there are also tours to Ephesus from popular holiday destinations such as Istanbul and Bodrum.

It is difficult to understand the history of Anatolia (aka Asia Minor) without seeing Ephesus. Ephesus, which was founded around 1000 BC, was an Ancient Greek city. After Ephesus came under the rule of the Roman Empire, it became the capital of Asian provinces.

Since the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus was one of the pilgrimage centers of Antiquity, it remained a holy city for centuries. It was also one of the most important trade ports of the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as a cultural center with important philosophers. However, it lost its importance when the alluvium that filled the Ephesus harbor cut off the city’s connection with the sea.

Private Tour Guide in Ephesus, Turkey

While visiting the ancient city of Ephesus, you can feel like a Roman citizen wandering the streets of a Roman city. Especially Curetes Street will give you the opportunity to experience this feeling.

The two most important historical artifacts in the city are the Celsus Library and the Temple of Artemis. However, although a significant part of the Library of Celsus has survived, not much remains of the Temple of Artemis.

It is necessary to hire a private tour guide in Ephesus to discover this historical heritage properly. You can book a guided Ephesus tour through BarefootPlus, which has been organizing private tours from Istanbul and Kusadasi to Ephesus for 16 years.

In this article, we have listed 5 places to visit in Ephesus. You can find information about the most important things to see in Ephesus in the following lines.

1. Temple of Artemis

Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

Temple of Artemis is among the most important architectural structures in history. The temple, which was built in the ancient city of Ephesus and whose fame spread all over the world, was a unique structure.

Damaged by earthquakes and fires, the temple was rebuilt 3 times. The temple, whose imaginary pictures are drawn today, is the third generation Temple of Artemis.

There are structures such as the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, which are very important in history but have not survived to this day. If you hire an experienced private tour guide in Ephesus, you can visualize what these ancient structures looked like thanks to masterful storytelling.

2. Library of Celsus

Private Tour Guide in Ephesus, Turkey

Library of Celsus was built in honor of a Roman governor by his son. Tiberius, who wanted to immortalize his father’s name with this library, succeeded. Before it was damaged by earthquakes and fires, the Celsus Library was the third largest library in the ancient world, after Alexandria and Pergamum.

It is still possible to see the library, which is one of the best preserved structures in the ancient city of Ephesus. The surviving facade of the building contains magnificent columns and sculptures. The Library of Celsus is the symbol of the ancient city as it is the most iconic building of Ephesus.

3. Curetes Street

Curetes Street in Ephesus Ruins

Curetes Street is like a river flowing through the ancient city of Ephesus. While walking on this street, you can feel like a Roman who lived in ancient times. At the same time, the beauty of the ancient artifacts surrounding the street will enchant you.

You can also see the monuments dedicated to the two emperors who ruled the Roman Empire in its most powerful period. One of them is the fountain dedicated to Trajan and the second is the temple dedicated to Hadrian.

4. Great Theater

Private Guided Tours in Ephesus

Great Theater is one of the most magnificent Roman ruins in Ephesus. The theater that has survived until today was one of the symbols of Ephesus in history.

The theater was located at the end of the Arcadian Way, which extended from the port into the city. For this reason, foreigners who came to the city first encountered this magnificent work. Thus, it can be understood why those who visited the city in ancient times praised Ephesus.

Many concerts, gladiator fights and theater plays were performed in the theater in the past. If you hire a private tour guide in Ephesus, you can listen to all these historical narratives and imagine what happened.

5. House of Virgin Mary


House of Virgin Mary is located 9 km from Ephesus Ruins. According to tradition, after Jesus’ death, the apostle St John came to the west coast of Asia Minor to spread Christianity.

Before Jesus died, he had entrusted his mother to Saint John. John placed Mary in a beautiful house in Ephesus and ensured that she was safe. According to some sources, Mother Mary spent her remaining days here.

Today, the House of Virgin Mary attracts Christian pilgrims from all over the world. One of the most interesting places you will see during the guided tour of Ephesus will definitely be this house.


If you are going to visit Turkey, it is recommended that you make a weekly plan. During this time, you can see Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus and, if time remains, Pamukkale.

In this article, I tried to introduce you to must-see places in Ephesus. If you are looking for a place to visit after Ephesus, you can also read my article on things to do in Turkey.

Private Guided Tours of Ephesus

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